Blazers Manager and Januario Fa manager have endured a fractious relationship in the past, with their time spent in the league and other games divide pitching them into regular combat.
Hostilities have been rekindled in the quater fianls of the U13 tourney but there are more similarities between the pair than many might think.
The blazers manager concedes as much, revealing when asked whether he has the same obsession with winning silverware as the Jan gaffer: “Definitely. In that we are twins. He wants to win trophies, we want to win trophies, Victory Ones as well and Circle Range.”
“We love to compete, we love to win games but believe me it’s not a special occasion when we beat his team.”
Ablaze FA will cross the road this weekend looking to cement their standing at the semi final of the Hon. Alhaji Bakare U13 Cup.
They currently have been unbeaten on their home soil since last year November placing added importance on the latest game as they seek to bridge that gap with Ablaze FA always advancing.
Januario is expected to keep things tight in a crucial contest, but Ablaze manager insists he has no complaints about the Jan’s methods as he boasts an enviable past to back up his approach.
The Blazers coach added: “We’ve faced each other many times in big moments.
“I know the way we see the game is different because it’s normal.”
A difficult game this weekend and the two teams are looking very prepared ahead of the clash to give one of the most entertaining game around on Saturday at the Celle Pitch.
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