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Eksu Galaticos faced Yagi FC in their second game in Group D of the ongoing tournament and Eksu Galaticos  were victorious with 8 goals to nothing. Four in the first half and four in the second half, which made 8 for Eksu Galaticos.

Eksu Galaticos has been on top of their game since the tournament started and still remain unbeaten. While Yagi FC performance level keep going down. The Yagi FC team have not being victorious in any of their games in the tournament. Their first game was against Aboki FC and they were defeated with 5 goals to nothing. This has made the Yagi FC conceded 13 goals in the tournament and have not being once opportune to score a goal.

Eksu Galaticos will face their next opponent in few days to come and everybody is looking forward to witness the match, as both teams have not lost any of their game in the tournament. Eksu Galaticos will face Aboki FC and Yagi FC will face SOJ team to decide finally those that will qualify for the next level and those that will go home.

Eksu Galaticos performance against their opponent ( Yagi FC) left the spectators in an astonished mood. They were too perfect in their style of playing. Ajayi Temitayo first scored the first goal of the game. Despite the fact that Eksu Galaticos were the ones winning still they dominated the match from the beginning till the end.

The Yagi FC could only got one shot on target in the duel. They were so disturbed on the pitch and complained to the  referee that the ball being used for the match was not in good other.

The likes of  Ajayi Temitayo and  Akande Suraj scored brace in the game and the remaining three goals were scored by different players. Saka Adebayo was sub_ in in the die minute but yet managed to score the 6th goal of the game. The next matches to come in the Group D will be their last match  in the group stage. The first and second team will qualify for the next stage and the last two will go home.

Meanwhile, Aboki Zola FC and SOJ team duel in the tournament was one of the toughest the tournament has not experienced. The match ended at 4 goals to nothing making the   Aboki FC side victorious. The first two goals happened in the first half and all entangled to a problem that affected the stability of the match.

George Precious goal was the first goal and it came as a result of a corner kick that made the keeper jumped so high and landed on his shoulder and immediately sustained an injury.

The SOJ team agitated that the goal should not be considered but after so much dialog and pestering between the two teams, the referee considered the goal and the keeper was taking out for another keeper to come in.

The match returned back to his pace after the first goal was considered and the spectators were more anxious about the game. Not so long  Ogunkuade David scored the second goal in the first half and the SOJ team claimed that the goal was an offside. The referee denied their agitation and the SOJ team said they are not playing no more. In the struggle between the two teams whether the goal should be considered or not to be considered, the Aboki FC coach was awarded a yellow card. The match was paused for about ten minute before it started and the score remain as 2 goals to nothing in the first half of the game.

The second half was not also easy for the two teams but still the Aboki FC net two goals again which made it 4 in the game.

Aboki Zola FC is still playing as and undefeated team ever since the tournament has started. They first won their first game against Yagi FC with 5 goals to nothing. The SOJ team performance was not what to take home at all, they have lost two games consecutively. They first lost against Eksu Galaticos. The next games to come in the Group D of tournament will be their final game in the group stage. Aboki Zola FC will face Eksu Galaticos and Yagi FC will face SOJ team.

Korede a left back winger was substituted in for the Aboki FC and he got a chance to score the third goal of the game. Latter Ogunkuade David scored the fourth goal to make it a brace for himself.

In the last four minutes of the match Kolapo Qoyum committed a foul that worth a yellow card and it made his second yellow card of the game and he was awarded a red card. Which made the first red card for Aboki FC in the tournament.

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