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The community team TYC and team ALWAYS draw in their second match in the Sodubi super 4 league on Saturday at Sodubi primary school field, ojere Abeokuta.

Hayfour Jr gave TYC the lead in the first half from cool finish, team ALWAYS equalised three minutes to the end of the game, courtesy of goal from jersey number 8 known as Messi.

Reacting after the game, the man of the match who levelled expressed his happiness and pride in his ability, which resulted to the believe the goal keeper had in him, who requested him to come to the field as the next substitute.

“What I see in this match is that as we were playing they were also playing well, but the opportunity we had we did not misuse it that’s why we scored, he knows that when I am in the field I can do better.
Yes I am better than others” Messi said

Meanwhile, team TYC coach Babatunde Alfred revealed his disappointment towards his team’s indiscipline and wayward attitude towards the match, he added that his mistake in his formation and said he will make his formation next game to be top notch.

“Honestly I am not happy at all due to the indiscipline among my team members, because some of my players came late to field and after the first half most of them are blaming me why will did I use this why did I use that but I was like the guy I called to come and enter I had to use the guy because he his discipline, he do come early to practice and field, though during our last match I know the formations I selected and I was so happy about that, I will never tolerate that, though it was so painful that we draw in the match but we thank God.” He said

“Everything is based on the indiscipline, I will not say more than that. In a situation like this there’s. Nothing we can do, because to gather a lot of people together from different home is not easy but we will work on it on our platform to correct all the mistake on our platform.” He added

“Our next match is a must win for us so that we can qualify for the final, so by the special grace of God we will put more strength and more effort so that we will win out next match because my plan was to win this match so that we can play a light one next one, but due to this fuck up we need to buckle up against our next match” Babatunde Alfred said.

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