As Sierra Leone set their biggest comeback in major tournament, Presidential Hopeful Rodney Edmond Michael ‘Super Rodney ‘ Declared his intention for the next FA president in the Sierra Leone.

Rodney Michael who was Disqualified in the Sierra Leone football association presidential elections in 2013 said they will not use any made-up article to assume power undemocratically.

He was Disqualified the last time for what they described as involvement in betting company and therefore a part of the Match-fixing allegations, a process where a number of players are also set aside from the period without fear investigation from FiFA, CAF or the football administration.
Though he was not the only one to be disqualified at the time of the elections, but together with the legend of the country Mohammed Kallon the most celebrated football icon in the country.

Mr Rodney in the first to make a public declaration of his intention for the fourth coming elections in the presence of football stakeholders across the country the press and former sport minister and the general public though the date of the said election is yet to be announced.

The former secretary general for the western area football association who is now a politician chairman for the western rural district council under the opposition APC warned that the satisfied delegates for the fourth coming elections should not tempered with and hope the government should provide a fear level plain field for the fourth coming elections so people can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the football family.

The term of office for the the position of FA president in the country is four years though the present FA president madam Isha Johnson exceeded her stay for a period of seven years without an elective Congress.
But Rodney explain his plans if elected for the position in his declaration statement.

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