Redbull Nigeria is known to be one of the oldest energy drink around with proof to show they have been effective to its consumers. The blazers in recent time got support from the outstanding brand as they give back into grassroots sports.

Ablaze lads took part in the Neymar Jnr Outplay Them All Challenge where they have to upload a 60 seconds video on instagram of them doing a skill or scoring fantastic goals. It wasn’t easy but as a means of making the kids from the slum known the lads took part and it yielded well.

The Blazers got some Neymar Jr’s bips,bags and Redbull drinks to give them wings. RedBull Nigeria is about to spring to life through grassroots sports and not just football, and the Blazers have had the room to benefit from the project.

The Manager of Ablaze, Osho Oluwafisoye Samuel appreciated the efforts of Redbull in Supporting grassroots sports, added that sports will come to life than expected.

According to him, “Would love to say a big thank you to Mr Eke for his commendable effort on looking into the grassroots sports”

“Redbull hasn’t really been into sports that much in Nigeria and with the fact that they are starting with the leaders of tomorrow is an awesome project”.

“They have done wonders with Neymar and now with them been in Nigeria and coming to life, I guess we will have our sport come to life even better”

The outplay them all challenge is still on before the end of this September and the Blazers advise many more athletes to take part in the project not just to win but for the sake of participation.

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