Despite topping the goals scoring chart for
Anderlecht, Henry Onyekuru is not regarded as
a complete striker by coach Hein
“I’ve already tried that through a few rounds,
but that did not work out well.
“Henry does not currently have the feeling to
make the right walking movements from that
position”, according to the coach. “He may
think he can, but based on what I see, it is
clear that he does not have the feeling. He
then looks for his position, often stands still
and does not know where to go.”
However, Vanhaez-ebrouck, believes Onyekuru
who is aiming to pin down a place in the Super
Eagles squad to the World Cup is more
effective coming from the flanks.
“There he feels much more comfortable. He
can then occasionally dive into the center,
something he does well. When he plays
centrally, he even has trouble to make the
movements outside. As long as that does not
improve, it is not an option to play centrally
with Onyekuru. ‘’
However, this has not stopped top clubs like
Barcelona, Manchester United and Florentina
from keeping an eye on the player originally
signed by Everton and loaned out to


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