Hassan Abdulsalam

Nigeria National league side, Remo Stars to welcome Lagos base academy Ablaze football Academy on a three days camp program.

The manager of the academy, Osho Oluwasoye Samuel stated of changing the academy scope towards camping program and it’s essence and now has made the move to create a future for the kids in the academy.

The kids will have a chance of learning and also get scouted into the Remo Stars future stars.

The manager revealed that the academy is trying to set a pace for other teams to be a part of and also benefit from.

“The vision is to change the orientation in my locale and that has been working out great”

“We built and nurtured Yusuf Ibrahim in this academy and now he is an undisputed starter for the Remo Stars U17,this is a vision we want to continue”

“Why will kids train and not have a sense of a bright future been visible,that’s what we are creating,we want to also build our league from the grassroots and help the kids know their league”

“I have kids around here who don’t even know Remo Stars but through this avenue, the enlightenment have started”

“We didn’t go to camp because we are preparing for something like this,a coach have released his kid for us as a result of this vision and his kid if he gets a future chance can get him fortune,its us spreading the light”

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