By  George Wilson

The super eagles failed to fly yesterday. They were kicked out of the world cup in Abuja. Ghana that didn’t perform well in the last Cup of Nation, shocked us with their tactical pattern in the game. The super eagles lack technical and tactical approach to the game, our coach has clearly shown that our local coaches are worse and lack the foresight in taking the team to the next level.

Austin Eguavoen was a disappointment and a disaster to the team as he shows his lack of knowledge to the beautiful game of football, come to think of it, where did he coached, which was his last team and when last did he coach? This are questions begging for answers. Why would the former white coach Gernot Rohr wouldn’t be happy with himself? This is a man I strongly believed if he was in charge, would’ve won the first leg match in Ghana. We were too quick to sack him due to the lies the NFF sold to Nigerians. The impressions was that the man should go, all because he asked for his six months arrears of accumulated salaries.

Even our press didn’t help matters, they were clamouring for home base coach, as the NFF and its leaders continued to ridicule our football to the point where our local league could not function very well, all home team won their matches, otherwise hell would be let loose but our case is different.

As it is now, I strongly recommend sack of all the technical crews including the media officer and others, the NFF should bury their faces in shame and relieve  themselves of their jobs as our biggest problems today are the occupants and managers of Glass House.

Today they have put over 200million Nigerians in a sad mood, how could we watch our darling team play football yesterday as if it was a secondary school competition. They fumbled, wobbled and played as if nothing was as stake.  No definable pattern, no block marking, what we saw yesterday on the pitch was not our Super Eagles. Eguavoen and the Glass House  should be made to pay for our loss, we cannot continue like this. This defeat is totally not acceptable!

What a sad night for us, change is imminent.

Football is the only thing that gives us joy! Somebody has to be punished for this loss, they have killed our joy, our local league is nothing to write home about, no organisational structures in place, the clubs are still run by some state governments.

We must fix our leagues to be interesting like that of the premiership leagues, get some sponsors and make the league to be more attractive to foreign based players.

This is the worse NFF in the history of Nigerian football!

Hon. George Chekiri Wilson

National President

Southern People Congress(SPC)

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