Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho put transfer talk to one side as he continued to focus on his preparations for Saturday’s match at Burnley.

When asked by reporters for the latest regarding Alexis Sanchez, he said: “There is nothing new. I think clearly everybody knows that we are there and especially when the Arsenal manager speaks so clearly like he did – there is no point in trying to hide or deny it.

“But it is not done – not done at all. So, in this moment, Mkhitaryan is our player and Sanchez is an Arsenal player. With a match tomorrow, I want to switch off and focus on the most important thing.”

Pressed further on the matter, Mourinho continued: “I will speak with you one day if we sign him. If one day we sign him, I can speak with you about him and what I think he can bring to our team.

“In this moment, I think there’s no point. He is an Arsenal player – he is not my player. There is no point in me speaking about something that may happen or may not happen.”

The manager also pointed out that he plays no part in the negotiation of transfers, other than suggesting the players he likes to the board, which is why he has no update to give supporters.

“Sometimes people think that transfers involve the lot – the managers in the negotiations,” Jose said at the Aon Training Complex. “I think it depends on the profile of the club and depends on the way we establish our jobs. In my case, when it goes to the table of negotiations, I like to be out. I am out and I will just be calmly waiting for news. No more than that.”

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