Mayweather against McGregor

Floyd Mayweather totally refuted claims he is
coming out of retirement as he continues his
‘luxury vacation’ to China, insisting that he has
done with boxing for good.
The boxing legend said: ‘I’m happily retired. I’m
not fighting any more, no matter what the price
is, ‘adding that reports to the contrary are’ Fake
All lies.’
Having retired as the wealthiest pugilist of all
time with a perfect 50-0 record, Mayweather
boasted he is being paid for the current trip to
the far east.
The 40-year-old posted a number of photos of
himself on the Great Wall, explaining the
motivation behind his trip in the caption.
He wrote: ‘Here in Beijing, China at ‘The Great
Wall Of China’, considered to be one of the
greatest Wonders of The World!
‘It’s always been on my list of places to see
throughout my travels in life however, timing is
Coming here with 23 people has been a great
experience and it doesn’t hurt to get paid
$3,000,000 to simply visit and vacation here in
luxury for a few days.
‘With money this long, everything is different. I
move different, I dress different and I live
different because my money is extremely
Among the obligations on Mayweather’s ‘luxury
holiday’, the former five-weight world champion
attended a fan meeting.
He took to the stage where he was interviewed
before answering fan questions in an auditorium
in the nation’s capital.
Mayweather had been reported to be mulling
over a return to boxing having hung up his gloves
after overcoming Conor McGregor in their
lucrative cross-over bout.
But it seems the defensive master is content
with his rich and varied retired life after decades
exhibiting his craftsmanship in the ring.

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