As the Premier League returns today, OMONIYI JEREMIAH analysed expectations from Clubs during new Season.

Overtime the EPL have always been a competitive league in Europe and the world, the reason is nothing but the class of players and investors in the league. Furthermore, the tenacity in the league makes it unpredictable for soccer lovers and pundit because the impossible do happen sometimes.

Some years ago Leicester team led by Cladiuo Raineri won the league as the first team from championship after a very long time also the 2003/2004 invisible by Arsenal still put soccer fans in the world in so much awe such that no team so far in the league have been to reach that peak of success Liverpool and Manchester united did tried but lost one or two matches to lesser teams. That’s the premier league where no team is disputable.
Let me take you on a journey as we explore few teams in regard to their preparations for the forthcoming league.


The London club have been enjoying there freedom after their incarcerated period that lasted for a year. However, sport lover and enemies of the club have concluded that the team is spending from the proceed of the money that was meant to buy players but was invested in the stock market due to their punishment for breaching fair rule. If am not mistaken Chelsea have spent over £200m during this transfer window.

The team have solidified both their attack, midfield and defence with classic players like Harvertz Kai, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Thiago Silva, etc. Ever since the leadership of the club has been controlled by the Russian Billionaire Roman Abrahmovic Chelsea have never lack classic players just tell Roman and he orders the payment of the player.

They bought Tores with a record fee of £50million in the January transfer window.
However, the team didn’t do badly last season under their manager Frank Lampard who is also one of the club’s legends. They managed the 4th position with just one point behind united. With battalions added to the squad the team will be hard to break.


The title holder Liverpool will fight relentlessly to secure and defend the trophy the second time in a row. Liverpool who are known to be club who don’t buy too much player unlike Manchester city or Chelsea but they can spend fortune on signing just one player Virgil van Dijk is an example. However, they did well last season to break the 30years EPL jinx on the team. Ever since there manager Jurgen Klopp joined five years ago the club has moved from one glory to another. Klopp as I usually tell people knows what he wants and also has eye for good selections. 70% of Klopp’s signing have been fantastic producing results and that’s the goal of any team. The only player the team has signed so far is Konstantinos Tsimikas from Olympiacos for €13m Euros.

One of the problems the team might face is fatigue due to the inability to reinforce their team although Klopp knows how to use his players if you notice he doesn’t participate in all competitions. For the past 3years Klopp have been a single trophy manager just as he knew in 2019 that champions league was his priority he avoided the league same thing last season he boycotted other competitions just to face the league he manages his players well but the fear is injury that might shorten the team’s progression in the league and to defend the EPL title.

Leeds united:

Another spender apart from Chelsea and Everton at the moment is Leed united. Anyways they need to spend because they just got promoted to the EPL from the championship. The club managed by the Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa whom Pep Guardiola has regarded as one of the best coaches in the world have signed over seven players this summer and more expecting to join the club shortly. However, Leed could be the new underdog in the EPL just like Sheffield united. The unpredictability about the club is that they might rise up to compete for the Europa next season. I know if we remember Leicester then we shouldn’t doubt what Leed can do in the forthcoming season.

They meet Liverpool this Saturday and all eyes are on them if they will be able to stop the Merseyred side from spreading there tentacles. We hope they don’t disappoint soccer lovers like Norwich who were expected to do the unbelievable but ended up carried away by relegation Ocean.

Manchester City:

If you know Pep Guardiola one thing is synonymous to the bald head man classic players. The Spaniard has been a heavy spender since he joined the citizens but hasn’t been able to win the champions league with his heavy signing players. Ever since he left Barcelona he hasn’t won Champions league with any club he joined. Last season City spent over £160m only to show for a capital one trophy, behind Liverpool and been dealt with mercilessly by Lyon and Arsenal at the Champions league quarter final and FA cup semifinal last month.

This summer haven escape the punishment from UEFA for fair rule has began spending on players just to make their dreams come true. Currently the team has spent over £70m on players this summer.
However, City have tagged local champions by club’s enemy for sitting second behind a club ( Liverpool ) who didn’t sign half of their signings last season.

Manchester united:

The devils have been silent about transfer this summer however, rumors have been circulated about their interests in several players but those fans are silently angry about inactiveness of the board as regard transfers. United who signed Harry Manguire for a record fee of £80m and over £200m spent weren’t exceptional last season as expected from Ole Gunnar Solksjear’s side.

The only signing so far for the reds is Donny van de Beek from Ajax for €39m . Although, discussions have been ongoing for the release of England international Jardon Sancho from Dortmund but the player’s club are not willing to accept United’s offer.

The team has fantastic players like Bruno Fernandez, Wan Bissaka, Greenwood, Martial, etc; all they need is one or two players to complement the readymade squad.


The current trophy winner in England is the Gunners. Mikel Arteta’s side has proved to the world that they can challenge the league this season. Arsenal who is FA cup and community shield winners will parade there Bazukas as the season began with their new and existing players. Just as football lovers do say that the club is prudent when it comes to buying players have only spent €34m unlike their London counterpart Chelsea who are one of the biggest spenders in the leagues this season.

Manchester united single signing is higher than the whole transfer Arsenal have made so far this season probably let’s say they enjoy the services of free agent players in the club.

Despite the fact that Arsenal spent less they were able to get higher results compare to the amount spent last season. Arsenal spent over 100m Euros compare to City and United yet they won trophies defeating both Liverpool in the league, Mancity and Chelsea in the FA cup.

Arsenal known for developing teenage players and if you haven’t forgotten, every year the club do promote academy players to the senior just as Bukayo Saka who is now a prominent member of the first team.

In conclusion, we hope to see other teams proving their worth in the league this season. What I want you to take note is that the EPL is full of surprises and the least expected can outshine the best.

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