Stephen Adigwu

The President of Nigeria Squash Federation (NSF) Boye Oyerinde has said that the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on both athletes and coaches’ welfare.

During a telephone interview with NAIRASPORTS, he discussed about the welfarism of players and coaches after the suspension of sporting activities in the country.

He also said that it hasn’t been easy for athletes to train and keep fit due to the social distancing rules laid by the government.

“With the athlete and their well-being as well as their income most definitely. Athletes require to train in order to maintain their level of fitness to be at their level of alertness when they play at tournaments and I don’t think any athlete except those who live within the proximity of training facilities could have access to training at this moment.

“If a  lead athlete is not training for three months when it’s not a deliberate break it’s definitely going to affect their performance and it will take a while to be able to get back to the big performance.

“In terms of their earnings we know that some of our athletes and coaches live on Squash. This is how they make their living and this hasn’t happened in the last 3 months, so definitely it’s having a negative impact on both the athletes and coaches,” he told NAIRASPORTS

Further speaking what structure had been put in place concerning the athletes and coaches, he said “The ministry itself is trying to work out a palliative for players and it’s one of the things we are looking at the board level to see how we can support our players however small.”

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