President of the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation Engr. Tikon Ishaku has stated that the continuous postponements of the National Sports Festival in Edo state will be demoralizing for athletes that would have by now been thinking that the Festival is set to commence with less than a week only to be hit with the latest postponements just five days to the games.

Ishaku speaking in a chat with stressed that the effect though will be managed by the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation who already had a backup plan in place after envisioning another postponement before the Monday announcements by Nigeria’s Honourable Minister for Youths and Sports postponing the Sports Festival from February 2021 to April 2021.

“This is the fifth time it’s been postponed, it has been postponed 1,2,3 4 times definitely the players their moral have been high few days ago believing that they will be going to contest within their selves but today it has been postponed. But we in the Federation we are mindful of the fact that something like that will happen as we have programs lined up directly behind the festival assuming it is to take place.”

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