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Grassroot development is one of the major ways to develop sport locally in a country.  The participation of Moshood Abiola in developing sport locally in Nigeria can’t be over emphasized even after many decades. Several grassroot competitions being organised by Abiola a politician and business mogul gave birth and pave way for raw talents in the southwestern part and Nigeria at large in his days.

This act of benevolence can be likened to what RT. Hon. Femi Bamisile  is envisaging for youths in Ekiti state with BAFEM cup 2021.

Femi Bamisile while speaking with Pelumi Abiara during a pre-match conference expressed his thought and intent behind BAFEM cup 2021.

Femi Bamisile said he is a sport lover and he has keen interest in football; while speaking with Pelumi Abiara during a pre-match conference on Friday.
According to Femi, he said “Sponsoring this competition is a fullfiment and honour to give to the state, particularly at the time we find ourselves in this country, insecurity and the likes, we need something to bring us together and make us feel that their is going to be a better tomorrow”.

The Honourable went further that the intent of the competition to bring out the best from Ekiti youths. “We are bringing scouts that will identify quality players and eventually take them to Netherlands, Amsterdam to better themselves”.

Bamisile went further that the Minister of Youth and Sport will be present during the finals to present the trophy to the winners.

Meanwhile, Femi Bamisile said that, the competition becoming a yearly event is subjected to the result of BAFEM cup 2021. The politician who expressed his thought about BAFEM cup 2021 said the competition is to groom youths that will represent Ekiti and Nigeria at large with their talents.

However, he advised that the youths should relax and enjoy the moment. Femi went further that football isn’t a do or die affair but for relaxation.

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