If you have ever been wondering how you could become a cricket player and yet have not found a resource tool to pulling that off, then coach Ingram Jones had you in mind during the conception of his maiden book: Cricket for Starters.

You hardly find sports coaches taking their time to narrate in a book the basics of a sports, but would rather have you come down to the training pitch to take you round the rigours of their sports. While that is inescapable, it is limitable as there are only much individuals that can make it a time to the pitch. But with a book, you have an unlimited geographical spread that eclipses time, seasons and generations to being a veritable companion for achievements.

This speaks volumes to the rationale behind the book: Cricket for Starters by Jones whose passion to see youngsters pick up the invaluable skills of the cricket game to make a meaningful life for themselves professionally and personally continue to make him one of the illustrious personalities in sports.

In the 18-page book, mostly pictorial, Jones who is a UK national award-winning Level 3 sports consultant, started off by taking us back to the origin of the game, its components, equipment, terminologies and of course, the association that governs it. Jones then proceeded to the gains of engaging in the sports, unraveling the educational, professional and social benefits accruable from the game of cricket.

They are much so in their numbers that a rundown of them already highlight the nobility of the sports and why it should continue to spread and gain more recognition and acceptance.

Chapter 3 then majored on Fielding — a technique in the game of cricket entailing catching, collecting and returning a ball that has been hit by the batsman. With pictorial illustrations, how to be an expert in Fielding for any interested minds are detailed for comprehension.

In Chapter 4, How To Catch was unfolded. You are basically an unskilled cricket player when you are inept on how to catch a ball. Provided in the chapter are blow-by-blow pictorial and textual account for beginners to learn the art of catching Chapter 5 went a notch higher to the art of batting which is the skill of hitting the ball with a bat to score runs and prevent the loss of one’s wicket.

Jones listed out the three types of batting and how one could be an expert at them to be considered an excellent batter.

Chapter Six which is the ultimate chapter weighed in on Bowling and with expert guide from Jones, the art of bowling even to a novice is broken into bits and pieces for expertise.

More about Jones

Ingram Jones who hails from London, England to parents of West Indian heritage is a UK national award-winning Cricket consultant mentored by Gary Kirsten, a world cup winning cricket coach who took India to no 1 in the world in test cricket, won the IPL and now founder of CoachED where Jones completed his Level 3.

Jones, who has worked in the Caribbean, Australia, and Ireland, with over 25 years experience within sports development and media, has had much success in difficult and unfavorable circumstances and prides himself on being an agent of transformational impact.

Currently, Jones is into cricket development in Nigeria using cricket as a tool to engage youth and reduce crime. To his credits already are successes as former Lagos head coach leading the state to successful competition wins and dominant performances.

Now with his company Exodus Coaching and Sports Management, Jones, whose parents are from Trinidad and Tobago home of the legendary batsman Brian Charles Lara, is deeply focused on community building across Africa with a global vision.

This book is the start of sharing his experiences from the motherland.

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  1. This is so inspiring, educating and promoting cricket in Africa and globally. Well done Coach Ingram and many thanks to the writer and publisher.


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