By – Idowu Adeleke

IKHARO SPORT CUP 2021 proceed in the matchday 7 played on Friday as Alimosho Football Club sink in hands of Glory Football Club with 4 on replied goals.

Glory Football Club put in a superlative display that couldn’t reversed by Alimosho Football Club
They scored 2 early goals in first half 8 and 19 minutes respectively to end the half.

In second half Alimosho Football Club couldn’t bounce back as Glory Football Club added 2 more goals to level it up ended 0-4

Alimosho Football Club is the first team to concede 4 on replied goals in the competition

In the matchday 8 played on Saturday between Lapero Football Club and Lion Football Club.

Lapero Football Club utilize 2 fantastic chances they had in the early half to score 2 goals

While Lion Football Club really shows that they are the beast on the pitch equalized and also scored one more to make it 2-3 in the first half what a come back from Lion Football Club

In second half just a minute to end the game Lapero Football Club pulled on back to leveled the scoreline and they went straight to penalty as the competition is a knockout face
Lion Football Club won via penalty on 4-5.

Champions of last year Olonade Cup 2020 and also Ottasolo Under 15 Football Tournament Goro Football Academy will take on Pro One Sport Football Club in the matchday 9 today at the same ground Ikola San Siro Pitch Ipaja Lagos by 3:30pm.

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