Super Eagles

Emmanuel Nafiu

Following a disappointing result in the reverse fixture, the super eagles appears to be renewed in shape, mentality upon a realization of an embarrassing gaffe.

They look, as it seems, to have rendezvous at a collective knowledge about a disrespectful loss of a four-goal advantage.

Ahmed Musa, the team’s captain shared a footage, pleading for fans forgiveness; Oblivious whether it is a blank reassurance, it remains uncertain as the forthcoming task in Freetown potentially dawns about tenacity, targeted focus and composure, if at all a victory is guaranteed.

It is appealing to comment about tactics, but it might be short sighted. Not a team that stamped a four goal lead in less than 40minutes should receive an overflogged details about lack of goalscroring mechanisms or shape. But again, it would look completely unfitting to sidestep the apparent lack of direction or tactical purpose when a team with relative (all due respect) technical nous runs an Achilles heel against the super Eagles in some swift, fast moment, leaving the Eagles on a terrestrial field without their habitual wont and identity. It is difficult to forego what could be regarded the most humiliating Eagles result this year as the return leg fixture beckons, not a belligerent Sierra leonean looking to snatch a win even if it costs taking a snap at a tiger’s jaw.

In a match with propensities of aggression, it is expected the Sierra Leoneans won’t accord Nigeria a semblance of respect they did in the reverse fixture.

Their goal is clear for a win, regardlessly employing all means to justify a onerous end. Albeit,it is on the super Eagles’ need to maintain stable cohesion; prowl on the pockets of spaces they leave behind. With the availabilities of Chukwueze and Kelechi Ihenacho, the Super Eagles could establish a slaloming duo whose pace and trickery are demanded in a counter attack measure as well as an answer to low block and extremely defensive frustrations.

Nigeria’s toppling against a four goal advantage shows an unbalanced team with an uneven departmental strength. First, it rekindles a goal scoring wherewithal and simultaneously demystifying the defensive quality of the team.

It would be expected Rohr improves on the positional awareness of Troost Ekong and Semi Ajayi while also reinforcing the need for vocal capabilities of Sebastian Osigwe who seems to be too respectful. An all out width attack to capitalize on defensive frailties of Sierra Leone and punish the desperations to push an highline.

Poised to be a pulsating match with every characteristics of African football; the goal of Sierra Leoneans to frustrate and the countermeasures from Super Eagles to respond. A desirable result is guaranteed by a seamless organization in defense and an efficiently utilized offensive opportunities.

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