Tempers in the NBA have been boiling over at all-time high temperatures this season. One night after Chris Paul and the Rockets attempted to infiltrate the Los Angeles Clippers locker room looking for a fight, and Kyle Lowry waited for Ben Simmons in a hallway, the Orlando Magic guard let loose during a confrontation with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Nemanja Bjelica.

Bjelica and Afflalo seemed to get tangled up fighting for positioning and Afflalo shoved the Timberwolves forward out of frustration. Things should have ended there. However, it escalated quickly when Afflalo threw a haymaker at Bjelica’s dome and whiffed horribly. After Bjelica dodged Afflalo’s punch, he countered by putting his five inch advantage to use by putting Afflalo in a headlock.

Both players were promptly ejected without sustaining any bruises, except to Afflalo’s ego.


“I was just trying to protect myself… and calm him down.”

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