Omoniyi Jeremiah, Ekiti

The Ekiti state Football Association has proved its dysfunctionality in the ongoing bet9ja league as it progresses to the Final and 3rd place respectively,

The match between Moyero and Ifaki United started late due to the rancour from a Team that believed Moyero weren’t meant to play the semi-final. After so many consultation, the match started and Moyero won Ifaki (3-2).

The second semi-final was between EKSU Galacticos and Soccer Academy, Igede. As the match began, the abandoned rancour started within the premises of the Kayode Oluyemi Stadium, Ado-Ekiti. Security personnels intercepted the attack to avoid distraction but as soon as the match moves to penalty shootout, the agrieved members moved to the track and this led to a fight between a Civilian and a Soldier of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As claimed by an anonymous, he said the guy who led the attack died in the premises due to the charm he was beaten with.

Though NAIRASPORTS  correspondents couldn’t ascertain the claim due to the heavy rainfall and run for safety of lives as the calamity started and all means to meet the Ekiti Football Association Chairman, Mr. Bayo Lanlege was fruitless. The fight led to the postponement of the penalty shootout; Eksu Galacticos and Soccer Academy, Igede were meant to play on Friday to Saturday.

The postponed penalty shootout held around 2pm on Saturday needs some quizzing as a result of the dysfunctionality evident in the shootout. The dysfunctionality was about a missed penalty kick by the player of soccer Academy, Igede but was recorded as a goal by the referee, Mr. Deji Aladesanmi who officiated the match. He first announced it wasn’t a goal until he went outside and later declared it a goal. This led to the defeat of the EKSU Galacticos.

When Ekiti state University’s Sport Director, Mr. Bayonle Rejoice contacted the Ekiti Football Association Chairman, he (The Chairman) claimed the penalty was a goal and ascertain that the referee’s decision was final. Mr. Bayonle also expressed his grievance about poor officiation to the detriment of EKSU galacticos and other teams since the inception of the competition to favour either the host or stadium Team. He disclosed that enormous fees were paid to get to that stage of theirs.

NAIRASPORTS Observed that Ekiti Football League is in its dysfunctional state as bribes are been paid for teams to win. Most cases, a host Team pays up to #20,000 to be awarded false penalty just to win the match. If the purpose of the league was to promote grassroot Sports than bribery, attacks should be revisited and culprit apprehended. Therefore, the first rancour that happened at the stadium was as a result of the association dysfunctional in favouring a Team over the other.

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