The Blazers takes the health of their lads seriously and would be halting training session until the epidemic have gone down and everyone have been assured of strong safety.

The virus COVID-19 popularly called coronavirus has been in existence since 2019 however became a strong world concern including the world of football.

Many top footballers have been tested positive of the virus,including Arsenal gaffer Mikel Arteta who have been said to be recovering really well. So as not to underestimate the possibility of having this virus around with about 8 cases reported in Nigeria, the Blazers management has decided to   follow the instruction of the Nigerian Football Federation to temporarily stop all footballing activities and even schools closes down this Friday.

“Messages have been sent to the parents and we hope they stay safe” the manager stated

“We are in Ikorodu the extreme end of Lagos, the possibility of having it is slim but we need to he cautious”

“Parents do go out well and the kids  who stay at home are at risk”

“The virus shows up 2-3 days after contacting it so if the kids and parents stay home for one week,we all in the country get to know who is needed to be isolated”

“Its a good move by the government, however we pray and hope all this could go away soon,so the kids can go back to what they love doing the most,playing football”

“We look to also start a stay at home challenge for parents and players to try,that’s going to make staying at home fun too” he concluded

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