The manager of Ikorodu based football academy, Ablaze, Osho Samuel Oluwafisoye has slammed Critics after loosing the lagos U15 team 6-2.

The critics came up after the loss to the Eko U15, those who scorned them of their (Blazers) players scoring them and causing damages but the Blazers manager didn’t allow it go down the slide as he came all up to give them a response.

The Blazers have been developing quiet well and look to keep it that way however the loss against the state team was the biggest this year for the Blazers,but it boils down to fielding a pretty young squad who conceded 4 even after having a pretty good start.

“Sometimes you look at messages and post,then you laugh,obviously this people know a little or nothing about sport,we are playing against selected players from all over the state that are suppose to be the best players,we produce for the state.”

“Two of our boys scored 3 out of the 6 goals and we scored 2,imagine if they were on our side that’s 5 for us” he joked.

“We are happy to see our lads scoring us and performing for the state,they wanted to play for the team but we believe,you’ve got to be amongst the best,its not about winning its about seeing our kids progress”

“We (small academies) are working hard and developing talents, the state and other top teams have the finished goods,we are the one doing the job,that’s what makes us happy and proud,having them there,top”

“When we won Remo Stars U13 and drew with the U16 no one said anything, we remain arguably the only team that has done that on that pitch,we did it with players whom we work day and night to develop”

“If some of these top teams have the boys we have,they will send them away,and when they do,we are the ones (small academies) who polish them and make them finished goods,let’s have those finished goods they have and see if the scoreline is that way in some games”

“If you as a player are opportune to be amongst the players up there keep your pride down,don’t forget you were once on the other side of the coin before getting to the spot you are now”

“Leave the top team you are now and go back to your former team,them face the blazers,we will see if you can win at that margin” the manager joked.

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