Hassan Abdulsalam, Abeokuta

Sequel to the criminal activities among youths in the country, Former President Nigeria Taekwondo Association, George Ashiru has call on the government to use sports to Eradicate immoral act from the country.

Ashiru Made this calling on Saturday at the G-Solar Under 15 Ogun State Taekwondo Championship in Abeokuta saying Government should allocate certain amount of money  to sports in preparing Budget.

“I will say sports is here, is not a matter of not in my budget, is a big mistake not to add sports in budget, sports must be in government budget, people you don’t want to put in sports will lose energy, they use the same energy to cause different criminal activities, sports is life it is the only thing that is keeping people alive.

” There are two things that youths used to send away criminal activities, its Sports and entertainment,  Government should help them by giving little tokens, scholarships to encourage athletics. If you don’t put money in sports all these youths will use the energy for something else.”

Taekwondo grandmaster also claimed that developing raw talents from the grassroots is the success of sports administrator.

“It has always be the pleasure of any sports leader to see young people coming to that sports in drowns” he said 

Meanwhile, the sponsor of the Taekwondo championship, Olori Omoshalewa Aboderin also claimed that sports is used to develop economic value of a country.

She said further that Taekwondo can be used to develop the children psychologically and to inculcate good moral in them.

“From what I have seen people are too boring  of what they do with the economic challenges, so a lots of people are not paying so much attention but this afford the opportunity to see that at any age that one’s your child can stand up and can respond to instruction. We want to help them form a discipline life-style, to value themselves, respect other people and know that they can set goals.”

“To achieve on a consistence basis without applying pressure that will make them look down and to encourage parents that there is a need for them to look at other things there children can do instead of just playing computer based game, there is so much they can do” she said

Omoshalewa call on parents to encourage their children to participate in sports and government should equip them with modern equipments

“Enrolling children and there should be a way government should support the coaches in training, equipments for them to be able to deliver, they should also  support in acquiring equipments for the children to train” she said 

While addressing the athletics, the Director of Sports Ogun state council, Adeshola Faleti claimed that the championship is for preparing young athletics ahead of youth game in September at the University of Ilorin.

“This competition is used to prepare and develop talents ahead of youth games coming up later this year because we will pick athletics that will represent the state in Taekwondo form it.

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