The much anticipated and biggest sport event in the Ekiti state university started yesterday with grand style. Eksu Olympics which is also known as v.c’s cup had so many people in attendance to watch either their favourite team or players.

The first football match of the event was between Faculty of management science and Law faculty. The football match started in the afternoon around 2.30pm yesterday.

Management sciences confidently wiped faculty of law with 3 undisputed goals (3-0). Goals scored by Lambo Adeniyi, Eshor Emmanuel and Michael Adejola.

The faculty of law chance to consolidate there defeat when the captain had an encounter with the keeper but couldn’t convert it to goal.

The match between Faculty of Art and the part-time programme couldn’t hold because of the heavy rain that fell yesterday. Both the spectators and players were beaten by the rain because there wasn’t built shield for spectators to sit and watch football match. Many had to run to a nearby uncompleted building but the space couldn’t suffice the large number of players and spectators available.

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