The ikorodu base,Ablaze football academy unveil new logo last week and it has inspired the top sportsmen and journalist.

The new Ablaze team logo has broken the internet as it gets supported by top sports men and journalist to be the new logo for the academy,which makes the logo much more unique.

Top player for Enugu Rangers and amongst the best beach soccer player in the world Abu Azeez supports the new logo and this makes us feel very happy about the progress.

The CEO of Footytool one of the fastest growing football site also gave his support for the logo and acknowledged it as been a lovely one for the team.

Rasheed Omokafe one of the top strikers in Cyprus also has a good view on the new logo and it makes us feel positive of how this logo would turn out to be. Been something top notch sportsmen are appreciating.

The CEO of another wonderful growing football site NairaSports also believe the logo depicts the message of the team and urges the Blazers to keep pushing forward.

Top managers too gave a number of thumbs up to the new logo and the academy appreciate greatly the attention given to it and hope they always make everyone proud.

The Blazers players were also shinning bright seeing the logo as they believe it marks the revolution in Ablaze as the team looks to keep changing and working on a lot of things to move the team and its players forward.

Over the years Ablaze Football Academy have changed their team logo twice and this third one seems to be the one that would go a long way than the last two logos.

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